Comprehensive Exam & Cleaning

At Amana Dental, we offer expert preventive care including comprehensive professional dental cleanings and exams because they are the foundation for a healthy, problem-free smile. Our goal is to provide the preventive services you need to keep your family’s smiles healthy and provide high-quality restorative dentistry if a problem develops.

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The right kind of professional dental cleaning is essential to maintain your oral health. At Amana Dental, our professional dental cleanings are not one size fits all. We customize treatment to address your unique conditions and health concerns.

At Amana Dental, we have a team of highly skilled hygienists. All four of our hygienists collaborate on treatment and techniques to provide our patients with efficient, comfortable care.

We determine the health of your gums by evaluating them before we get started on your dental cleaning. That way, we treat you in a way that makes sense for your personal dental health.

Our hygienists use special instruments and techniques to gently remove calculus, plaque, and stains from your teeth. Calculus comes from minerals in your saliva combined with plaque from food residue. Once it reaches a hardened state, you will need assistance from a professional to remove it because brushing and flossing will not be enough. When left untreated, calculus can negatively affect the health of your gums.

After we remove the calculus from your teeth, we will polish them with a special paste to eliminate any remaining particles and surface stains. Polishing your teeth brings out their natural shine and gives them that smooth, fresh feeling.

An essential component in preventative family dentistry is a regular examination from your dentist. At our Nederland dental office, our dentist, G. Whitney Gomez DDS, is both thorough and gentle.

During your exam, he looks for dental conditions such as decay, periodontal disease, cracks, wear, problems with your bite, and gum recession. We use an intraoral camera that allows you to see exactly what we see. If Dr. Gomez finds something he is concerned about, he will let you know right away. Together, we can find a solution that works best for you.

Dr. Gomez believes in educating his patients and helps them play an active role in their treatment by keeping them informed of any problems as well as sharing the pros and cons of various treatment options.

One of the ways we do this is by using technology like intraoral cameras to help educate you about matters that concern your oral health. An intraoral camera is a handheld instrument that’s about the size of a pen and illuminates the inside of your mouth.

As Dr. Gomez directs the camera over your teeth, the images appear in real time on your chairside monitor. Using an intraoral camera allows us to take you on a tour of your mouth so you can see everything that Dr. Gomez sees.

What is gum disease?

Periodontal (gum) disease is an infection in your gums. Throughout the day, a sticky film called plaque builds up on your teeth and is a combination of saliva, food particles, and bacteria. If we don’t remove plaque, it hardens into a mineral-like substance called tartar.

Plaque collects on your teeth and around your gum line. If it goes below the gum line, it can cause infection, pain, swelling, and bone loss, which is called gum disease.

Periodontal disease may be reversible in its early stages. In many cases, we can control the infection with diligent home care and frequent professional dental cleanings at our Amana dental office.

However, advanced gum disease called periodontitis requires more extensive treatment than a simple cleaning. Your hygienist will recommend a procedure called scaling and root planing to eliminate all traces of the disease and help your gums reattach to your teeth.

For your comfort, a deep cleaning treatment is done under local anesthesia so that you won’t feel any discomfort.

Oral cancer affects approximately 43,000 Americans each year. Oral cancer attacks any area inside your mouth, throat, and lips. Because it is a particularly deadly form of cancer, early detection and treatment is essential and improves your outcome dramatically.

Because he knows the signs and symptoms of oral cancer and closely examines your mouth for any suspicious lesions or discoloration, Dr. Gomez performs an oral cancer screening during his professional dental exams.

Your dentist is often the only doctor looking closely in your mouth for signs of cancer and is the first to report a potential problem, increasing your likelihood of survival. In fact, your dentist may save your life.

Family dentistry is what we do best! At Nederland Family Dental, we love having the opportunity to serve our community by providing outstanding dentistry to the families who live here. We invite you to bring your entire family to our office for their dental exams and cleanings. We are skilled and experienced in treating patients of all ages. Getting to know families in our practice is one of our greatest joys. We know that your dental care is important to you and we appreciate the confidence you show when you come to us for your dentistry.

Do you have kids? Dr. Gomez is excellent with children. He is gentle, patient, and teaches children about dental care in a way that they can understand. We know your children are precious to you and we will treat them like we would treat our own kids.

At Nederland Family Dental, it is our goal to start the youngest members of your family with excellent dental habits right from the beginning.

When you bring in your kids at a young age, we can help them get used to the sights, sounds, and smells of the dental office. We can show them the dental chair and help them understand how to brush their teeth. When they relax, Dr. Gomez can have a look inside their mouths to make sure everything is progressing normally for their age.

When your child gets older, we will provide them with cleanings and take diagnostic x-rays to look for problems like cavities.

We also work closely with parents on home care techniques to keep their kids healthy. Home care combined with preventative exams and dental cleanings can help your child avoid some of the most common dental conditions down the road.

If your little one needs care, we are very gentle and will make sure they are comfortable. We will go over treatment with you and make the experience an adventure for your child. A positive dental beginning means better oral health for a lifetime! Contact our Nederland family dental office today!