Bleaching & Teeth Whiting

At Amana Dental, we have tried it all when it comes to teeth whitening. We looked everywhere to find the most effective teeth whitening system, and the one that worked best for our patients, provided outstanding results, and was easiest to use was our custom deep bleaching system.

After a consultation with our professional doctors, we will take impressions of your teeth in order to make your custom whitening trays. You can keep your trays forever and clean them with cool (not hot) water and a toothbrush after each use. With proper care, your trays will last many years for touch-ups.

Once we make your custom trays, we will determine the best professional whitening system to use for you. Whitening gel comes in different strengths, and which one will work best depends on your desired outcome and the health of your teeth. For people with sensitive teeth, we have lower strength gel.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Safe

When performed under the supervision of a dentist, teeth whitening is completely safe. The most common side effects include tender gums and tooth sensitivity. This can be especially challenging for people with recession. If you experience teeth sensitivity, you may need to cut back on the frequency with which you whiten. If your gums hurt, cutting back on the amount of gel you use is a helpful solution.

Your teeth stain more easily during the whitening process. Avoiding staining foods like coffee, tea, and red wine can help you achieve better results.